Fw: [PD] questions

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Sat Jan 5 11:04:24 CET 2002

hi Joao,

Joao M Pais wrote:
>  I'm sorry, but I didn't understood. Can you give me an example of the
>  command line?

oops, after spotting SuSE mentioned somewhere in your post,
I must have been under false impression that your main platform
is linux.  But perhaps there is a bash equivalent on Windows

>  What I meant was if I could test the input into the program from an
> internal
>  source (like cd or wave out from media player). The question was how to
>  connect both ends.

oops again.  I was misled, because you inquired for a patch to test the
connection, and _not_ about how to setup such a connection.  Anyway, if
I understand this question correctly this time, it is mostly about how
to setup audio in Windows in general, and not in Pd.  On a Pd side, you
may need to use -soundindev/-soundoutdev options, that is all.

Or, providing your soundcard is full-duplex capable, have you ever tried
using a hardware loop (but be careful), and running two Pd sessions
simultaneously, one with -noadc, while the other with -nodac?  Of course
this could be useful for external connection testing only, but for any
other testing purpose just replace [adc~] with any signal source internal
to Pd.


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