[PD] fonts in pd

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Mon Jan 7 11:02:23 CET 2002

hi Orm,

Orm Finnendahl wrote:
> 1. If I open help files from pd, the object boxes and comments often
>    overlap and make it quite unreadable. Changing the default font to
>    a smaller size (with the -font flag at startup) doesn't help much,

Default font size does not apply to a reference patch (nor to any other
loaded patch).  Most of the reference patches are 12 point, some are 10.
They render ok on my linux boxes, except for those in 7.stuff.  To change
their font size, use Edit/Font command.
> 2. In general, I'm not especially happy with the courier bold font,
>    since it needs a big font size in order to be readable. I find
>    other fonts, like plain helvetica or my console font much easier to
>    read even at very small sizes.

Helvetica is not a monospaced font, while console fonts vary among
systems.  Courier seems to be the most standard monospaced font.
> if (Is there any preconceived method in pd to change the default font
>     to something else?)

No, currently the only way is to edit pd.tk file.


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