[PD] Embedding STK

Olaf Matthes olaf.matthes at gmx.de
Tue Jan 8 00:05:09 CET 2002

hi all,

since there are now 3 ways of getting STK-like synthesis into pd, I
would like to add something to make things clearer.

PeRColate is basicly a pd port of PeRColate for Max/MSP. It uses
functions based on STK but _NO_ sourcefiles from STK. Though it does not
depend on any special version of STK. Additionally, future releases will
include some objects that do not originate from STK.

Before starting to port PeRColate I thought about porting stk from ggext
to win. Since there is no STK library for win I decided to go the
easy(er) way.... and one day there might be a linux version of
PeRColate. But would this make sense?

Btw. PeRColate 0.02 is out: 6 new synthesis objects...


> Yves Degoyon schrieb:
> hi,
> i'm writing back to the list again
> to clear up some points :
> 3 micro-projects ( micro compared to pd itself )
> emerged recently that
> let you embed stk's synthesis in pd objects :
> ggee and percolator embed stk instruments
> and, they are know to work with STK 3.0 P1 .
> for ggee, you even need to patch
> STK with a provided Object.h,
> so it will work with a patched STK.
> stkdrone~/stksitar~ are instruments build
> on top of STK and are not redundant
> with gee or percolator.
> it is known to work with STK 3.2.
> You need to compile STK before
> installing these objects.
> ( but, anyway a pre-compiled object
> for Rehat 7.x exists in the archive ).
> These objects are linux only
> and percolator is windows only.
> Is it clear ????
> Yves/.

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