[pd] Making Zexy running on Windows...

Johannes M Zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.kug.ac.at
Tue Jan 8 19:46:57 CET 2002

> I am not the smartest pd-user in the world I know. At a time I had Zexy running with some succes, but at this time I cannot find a way of installing it. Would someone, slowly and in detail explain the procedure for me, I have 8without succes) studied the information, that follows...

1. get zexy from ftp://iem.kug.ac.at/pd/Externals/ZEXY/
make sure, you get the windows version (the one ending with .zip)

2. unzip it to your pd-folder
(so if your pd.exe resides in path/pd/bin/  you should now have a
directory path/pd/zexy/ )

3. to get your external loaded, it is easiest to copy the "zexy.dll"-file
to your path/pd/extra directory. this folder is searched automatically by
pd. of course you can add another search-patch with the "-path" flag.
to load the external, either use "-lib zexy" flag on startup, or create an
object "zexy" after you have started pd (but before you want to use the
externals provided by zexy).
you will get a banner (with hearts...) on your console-window when the
library is loaded.

4. to get the help (reference-patches), execute the z_install.bat file.
this will copy the reference-patches to path/pd/doc/5.refernce/zexy/

hope this helps

> Joergen

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