[PD] starting/stopping signal processing locally

marius schebella marius.schebella at chello.at
Wed Jan 9 09:50:14 CET 2002

there is the "switch~"-object. it works like block~, except that the
argument 0 (switch~ 0) switches dsp off. it is triggered by messages.

the manual says:
You can use the switch~ or block~ objects to turn portions of your audio
computation on and off and to control the block size of computation. There
may be only one switch~ or block~ object in any window; it acts on the
entire window and all of its subwindows, which may still have their own
nested switch~/block~ objects. Switch~ and block~ take a block size and an
overlap factor as arguments; so for instance, "block~ 1024 4" specifies 1024
sample blocks, overlapped by a factor of 4 relative to the parent window.
Switch~ carries a small computational overhead in addition to whatever
overhead is associated with changing the block size.


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> Hi all,
> these days i'm working on a big patch that includes a lot of effects like
> filters, waveform generation, distortion... in different subpatches.
> Signal is processed for all the effects all the time, so I "unmute" the
> output of the desired effects. But I just need combinations of some of
> at the same time. I mean signal is processed in some subpatches even when
> don't need them.
> Is there any way to stop signal processing in some patches (for load
> reasons) while I'm using the others  ?
> Messages like dsp 1 or dsp 0 are global. Is there any local equivalent ? I
> saw that start and stop messages for dac~ exist in MSP and enable or
> signal in the connected objects "network".
> I tought of closing and opening some sub-patches "on demand", but I think
> clicks or glitches could occur on disk access.
> nicolas

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