[PD] floating point soundfiles

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Wed Jan 9 12:08:16 CET 2002

hi Richard,

could you explain why Samplitude (checked with 6.0 `producer 2496')
uses 16-byte headers for 32-bit float .wav files?  I mean, is this
a violation of the standard?  How should we treat such cases?


Richard Dobson wrote:
> WAVE 32bit floats is easy ; the wFormatTag field is 3 instead of 1, and
> the various bitspersample and blockAlign fields have to reflect the
> 32bit wordsize, as you woudl expect. You should use the WAVEFORMATEX
> form of the header, 18bytes long (the added 16bit word is zero; it gives
> the count of any extra bytes in the header, which would indicate a
> compressed format). 0dBFS value is 1.0; "over-range samples are allowed,
> and should be clipped by the rendering device".

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