[PD] gem 7.text

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.kug.ac.at
Thu Jan 10 13:44:09 CET 2002

rat at telecoma.net wrote:
> hi,
> when i try to use one of the text example patches
> gem says:
> error: GEM: text2d: unable to open font:
> /home/erich/software/gem-0.86/examples/7.text/arial.ttf
> but arial.ttf is in that path
ah, i think the *.ttf-files are cranked up (maybe i did a "dos2linux"
too often...)
try to get them from an old gem-installation (gem-0.84 for example);
there the files should be ok.

i definitely have no time till monday to do any changes myself (sorry
about that, but then i should have plenty of time again)
the same goes for the link guenter wanted......

please wait till next week, and i really will start my maintainance
(promise !)


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