[PD] Easy way to reload new versions of abstractions in a patch?

_-¯-_ jdl at xdv.org
Fri Jan 11 12:40:20 CET 2002

 |Andrew (Andy) W.  Schmeder hat gesagt: // Andrew (Andy) W.  Schmeder wrote:
 |> Focus on the text of the object box and insert a space at the end or the
 |> beginning of the name.  PD will reload the abstraction when you unfocus
 |> the object... as if you had changed one of its arguements.
 |Great tip, never thought of this. But you will have to do this for every
 |used abstracion in your 64-voices-polyphonic-multitimbral-synth-monster
 |;) In that case it's easier to close the main patch once.

best seems to be to use the nqpoly~
just reload that object with above 'trick' and you dont even have to
care about missing loadbangs ..

-- X Ð u · O R G

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