[PD] [Framestein][announce] version 0.26

Juha Vehviläinen jusukoti at atp.fi
Fri Jan 11 20:49:04 CET 2002

Hi all,

version 0.26 is out:

- no more typing docked window positions! see example-docking2.pd
- easy loading of images from fs.frame popup-menu
- new fs.frame commands: minimize, maximize, bringtofront, hidecursor_1,
bufferize (copy to image buffer)
- dock main window to pd on connect (out of the way)
(see http://www.anoema.com/peedees/pdmain.jpg)
- init.pd to load patches correctly

nothing major, but all active users will benefit from the update.
I'm finding the software more and more less clumsy to use and
have even managed to do some videos with it; they will be exhibited
in Kristiansand, Berlin and Helsinki (where I live) in a few months,
for which I shall post details later...

feeedback on the software is encouraged. Missing features,
areas I have overlooked?


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