[PD] [announce] Sonograph~ is dead. Viva Sonogram~ !!!!

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Sat Jan 12 21:31:00 CET 2002

hi list,

i've added graphic capabilities to the
former sonograph~ object,
so, from now on, it will be known
as sonogram~.

the graphic capabilities
include mouse-based modifications
( drawing, cut, paste, .... )
so, yes, it's now a micro-editor for sonograms.

it can also be used with a sound input
and, thus, let you edit
soundfiles while running pd.

the problem still remaining with it
is the time needed for each graphic update :
the update is launched in the background,
so dsp chain is not affected by this
but the GUI is paralyzed meanwhile.

the problems comes partly from tk
which is surprisingly much slower to delete points
than to create them
( you're allowed to read the code
and to propose optimisations ).

anyway, i'm hopping some day 
we will be using 5Ghz 64-bits processors.
for the time being, it's recommended to have at least a 800 MHz.
No satisfaction  guaranteed below.




PS : about a common distro of externals,
i'd rather propose "peer data" than 
"impure data".
"peer data" is ok because it'a a kinda 
peer-to-peer exchange.
this external complies with most constraints
exposed by jfm3.

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