Soundfonts / iiwu tuning (was[linux-audio-user] midi)

Larry Troxler lt at
Sun Jan 13 03:03:16 CET 2002

Frank Barknecht wrote:
> I even tried (with my minor knowledge of C) to change your extern
> to use iiwu-0.0.5 and the included I got that to
> load in pd, but as soon as I load a soundfont, pd crashed. I would be nice,
> if you would port pd-iiwu to the new version, but of course, if you have other
> things to do so shortly before christmas, I will not complain ;-)

I'm hoping to do this soon.

Also I'm toying with the idea of making a multiple-outlet version, with
an inlet that specifies which outlet/voice the note will use. Sure, you
could just use multiple instances of the extern instead, but I'm
experimenting with very large soundfonts. I'll see how easy this would
be to do...

(also, the extern should be named iiwu~ and not iiwu!)

Larry Troxler

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