[PD] pd subpatches always open on open of parent ?

Larry Troxler lt at westnet.com
Sun Jan 13 03:09:06 CET 2002

"Andrew (Andy) W. Schmeder" wrote:
> > It seems that whenever I load a patch that uses a "pd *" style subpatch,
> > the subpatch window always opens as well, when the main patch is loaded.
> This should happen only if the subpatch was open when you saved the main
> patch.

Well, there's some weirdosity going on here, because on my installation
that's not the case!
I have too instances of this happening, one with a PD subpatch that's
always opened, another with an abstraction that always gets opened! This
is on version 0.34.

Oh well, there's more important problems to solve at the moment, like
where did I put the keys to my office (<- perhaps that will be solved in
the next version of PD - Miller??)


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