[announce] Sonograph~ is dead. Viva Sonogram~ !!!!

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Mon Jan 14 07:33:16 CET 2002

hi again,

i was annoyed ( and you must have been too )
that, during a sonogram update,
one couldn't use the GUI anymore
so, i introduced a new control message :

sleeptime 100000, 200000, 500000, 1000000, ....( more ?? )

this puts the update thread to sleep 
after each slice of 5 blocks.

if this value is high, the update is very slow
but you can still use the GUI.
if it's too low, you'll be back to previous situation.

the correct value has to be tuned for each machine
( not only the CPU matters, but the wm you're running, 
and much more parameters ).

of course, a new archive is available
and i also put the grid object which i had in my bag.
it's a 2-dimentionnal control object, ala "kaospad".

speaking of this, does anyone used a "kaospad" ???
if yes, which parameters do you control with X and Y ???



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