[PD] Anyone using pix_video under windows?

mick grierson michael.grierson at cwc.ac.uk
Wed Jan 16 12:20:40 CET 2002

I'm using a logitech USB quickcam, I tried several other devices but with no
joy - i think it's to do with driver interaction and frame size

As I undestand, the device has to interact with standard windows video
capture drivers. Also, the device seems to have to support a wide variety of
frame sizes. you may have to feed pix_video some resize messages to get it
to work. As many professional capture devices don't support more than a
couple of framesizes (normally only 720x576 or stuff like that), they don't
seem to work (for me, that is).

it did take me a while to get it working, but have since gigged it and was
very reliable.


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> I'd like to get to pix_video to work under windows, but have had so far
> no luck with a Kodak USB DVC-265 webcam. What video devices are supported
> pix_video? How about Organge Micro Ibot?
> Thanks
> Ben
> B. Bogart
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