[PD] Midi In not working

Eric Edward Schultz schultze at stanford.edu
Fri Jan 18 04:54:38 CET 2002


I am trying to get PD to work with my Soundblaster Live! card on Windows
NT.  When I test Audio / Midi, I can hear the audio, but have no idea how
to test the midi in.

Basically, I am using sensors to send MIDI to MIDI in of the SBLive! card.
I have tested everything on a Linux box running PD, so I know the external
hardare, and PD patch works.  BUT, on windows, it doesn't MIDI IN.

I start PD with -midiindev 1.  This prevents the message "MidiInOpen:
there is no driver installed in your system (or something like that).  I
have drivers installed for MIDI, but I have no idea what else to try to
get it to work.

Any thoughts?  thanks


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