[PD] [announce] faster, faster sonogram~

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Fri Jan 18 06:04:26 CET 2002


well, i've got good news and bad ones.

let's start with the good ones :

a new release of sonogram~ [v0.2] is available,
it's way faster than [v0.1].
i've totally changed the tk part
and now all the updates are made 
block by block unlike in [v0.1]
where it was made point by point.
i didn't know, at first, that tk was able
to let you draw inside an image.
using this feature lets you handle one single
tk object and, thus, all graphic operations 
are efficient and the object is usable
in a real-time context.

but, because there's a but,
and that's the bad news,
when blocks are too big, pd craches.
Considering that the size of a sonogram's block
is the dac block size multiplied by the 
zoom factor, if you increase those
values, you easily reprodruce the crash.

using a debugguer, the stack indicates the crash 
happens out of my code.
my guess is that messages sent to the interface become too big.
if someone could try to debug this,
i'd be grateful.

anyway, if you use default settings 
( dac block size = 256, zoom factor = 1),
it works fine and quickly.




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