[PD] Midi In not working

Eric Edward Schultz schultze at stanford.edu
Fri Jan 18 07:14:49 CET 2002

Thanks for the response.

I am sending polytouch.  My project works fine on my linux machine.  But
darn that NT.  I lauch PD -midiindev 1.  I get no errors on start up,
but no midiin either. I can see the devices with -listdev, and thus why
I flag midiindev 1 because it is SB LIVE IN.

Interesting to not that if I launch PD without flags, or pd -listdev, I
get the message: midiInOpen: there is no driver installed on your system.
pd -midiindev 1 launches without the message, but no midi in.

Perplexed and seeking


On Fri, 18 Jan 2002, Jim Ruxton wrote:

> > I am trying to get PD to work with my Soundblaster Live! card on Windows
> > NT.  When I test Audio / Midi, I can hear the audio, but have no idea how
> > to test the midi in.
> What kind of MIDI data are your sensors sending? If its controller info. You
> should see numbers changing below ctlin on the testtone patch.  If you type
> pd -listdev       in a command prompt from the pd\bin directory you will see
> all the devices that PD recognizes. Make sure you SBLIVE is there and
> designated MIDI input device #1 . Good luck.
> Jim

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