[PD] gltt and freetype

Stu Yarrow stu at outpost.org.uk
Sat Jan 19 01:54:52 CET 2002

Hi Everyone

I am trying to get Pd and GEM up and running under Yellow Dog Linux 2.1 on a
G4.  I have got to the stage of compiling GEM, but the configure script
reports that the gltt library is missing. When I try to compile and install
gltt, it cannot find the freetype library, which is definately installed
(both freetype and freetype-devel). I suspect that this is either because it
can't find it or because I have freetype 2, which is not supposed to work
with gltt.  Unfortunately it seems that lots of other (important) things
rely on freetype 2.....is there any way round this or do I have to ditch
Yellow Dog and get Debian or something?  As I only installed Linux to run
pd/gem I wouldn't really mind doing this if I thought it would work.

Any advice would be much appreciated.



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