[PD] Some Questions

Ivan Chabanaud ic at cicv.fr
Sat Jan 19 16:17:04 CET 2002

We work on web Application using shoutcast Object
rpm pd-0.33 on Mandrake 8.0
and tgz pd-0.34-4 on Mandrake 8.1

Pd patch is drive by a WebPage or something coming from the network
we connect this "flux" in the additive.pd (from tutorial) ]playing with
the parameter of this
patch. the outside is send via shoutcast~ toward an RTP server on other
machine running Icecast

First :
    we get a lot of cliking
    where do you think it come from [lame ?]
Second :
    we want for special condition with netsend object
    get answers ;like sending on 80 port and get response
    Do you think this possible with smal hacking in the send object

Thank a lot for all

              Ivan Chabanaud http://www.cicv.fr/~ic
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