[PD] help! OSS drivers just passthrough sound! :(

_-¯-_ jdl at xdv.org
Sun Jan 20 15:06:09 CET 2002

dont which soundcard you re on so that might be different for yours,
but when i open a mixer (e.g. gmix), there's IGain and Line.

igain is the initial inputlevel and line seems to be the monitoring
level. line to 0 should mute the monitoring but still leave something
coming out adc~ ?

 |Not quite sure how I managed to miss this through my other posts but my
 |soundcard seems to be passing the linein input right through to the
 |line out. The channel that is passed is the one that has been set to
 |"record" in ossxmix. This passthrough persists even when I unload the
 |sound drivers. (as do the levels in ossxmix)

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