Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Mon Jan 21 13:06:54 CET 2002


this indicates there is a problem with midi input (buffer overrun?).
What kind of a problem only a real expert (Miller?) can tell, but
in case you do not use midiin, try running Pd with -nomidiin flag.

A year or so ago I had a problem with midi input in Pd/Win98 using
an ancient MusicQuest ISA interface.  In fact, this was the subject
of my very first posting to pd-list (and nobody knew what was the
reason).  This was frustrating (since the hardware worked both with
all the other Windowish apps, and with Pd/Linux) but not very
important, because Pd/Win combination is rarely used here.  So
I gave up, and finally replaced MusicQuest card with a simpler
PCI MIDI card and an external SMPTE-to-MIDI box.


Eric Edward Schultz wrote:
> I am running PD on Windoze2000.  Everything works fine, except for the
> fact that the word 'flush' keeps appearing on the dos screen.

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