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this could be for some on the list the problem why the new (well not soo
new), nvidia drivers are not working, or makeing troubles.

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On Monday, 21. January 2002, Michael C Lincoln wrote:
> Just in case any one missed it... These is a hardware bug in the Athlon
> processor's extended paging (PSE) that cause serious problems when AGP
> is in use. I've attached a copy of the article as the site is currently
> slashdotted.
> "The bad news is that a major Athlon CPU bug has been discovered, and it
> affects Linux 2.4. Note that this is a bug in the actual CPU itself, and
> is not a Linux bug. However, it becomes our problem because there are
> very many semi-broken Athlon/Duron/Athlon MP CPUs out there.


it is not true that Linux 2.4 is "hard" affected.
Read L-KML about it.

Linux "only" use aligned access of 4MB pages, but the current Nvidia kernel 
module seems to be affected.


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