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Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Wed Jan 23 16:51:20 CET 2002


i've been spending some time on pd today again~.

i've grandly improved mp3live~ and 
fixed a bug in shoutcast~ .

Improvements to mp3live~ :

a/ added an incoming buffer status bar,
thus you see when your peer is getting 
out of sync.

b/ added an outlet that outputs the IP address
of your peer.

c/ let you have several instances of mp3live~
within PD ( which was the hardest thing to do ),
i'll explain why in my next post.

Bug fix for shoutcast~ :

a/ a nasty bug indeed : when you had two
instances and disconnect one of them,
it could be the other one which disconnects.
this was due to a shared static variable.
windows version should have the same problem.

Enjoy new releases !!!



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