[PD] Internal pd problems...or features ?

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Wed Jan 23 16:51:26 CET 2002

sorry to bother you again, Miller,
but i've found the following features 
annoying in PD 0.35-TEST4 :

a/ when, in the gui, you change parameters
to an objet, a new object is created 
and the former one destroyed, ok.
BUT, the order of calls is the following :

new replacement
free old

that's annoying 'cause you can't handle
an instances counter properly. 
i'd rather have :

free old
new replacement

b/ i don't know why but i tried to add a structure
to my object and, all the sudden, it became 
"not patchable" and couldn't be created.

what does this mean ??

the structure added is a MPSTR structure from lame.

what's wrong with doing this ???

that's all for critics,
i still enjoy PD everyday
but there are some tricks in external development.
don't bother, i don't know of a software which
doesn't have any.



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