[PD] Internal pd problems...or features ?

Olaf Matthes olaf.matthes at gmx.de
Wed Jan 23 22:32:52 CET 2002


my last night attemt to port mp3streamin~ to win resulted in a problem with the
sys_closesocket() function in mp3streamin~.c. I don't know how / why this works in
linux, but on win I got the error 'redefinition of function' (or something like
that). This was due to the fact that m_imp.h was included instead of m_pd.h. The
function mentioned is allready defined in m_imp.h (but why does it work in linux?)
Yves, you should check the warnings issued by the compiler / linker to see if there
are any hints. I guess VC++ treats this ussue a bit stronger.


PS: I'm still working on the mp3live~ windows port. mp3streamout~ works (I hope),
mp3streamin~ does not.... ;-(

Miller Puckette schrieb:

> as to (b) I don't know what's wrong; sounds like something's getting
> overwritten somewhere.  Anywhere (after the t_pd header) in your object
> struct you can put items which are themselves "structs".  You can also put
> pointers; just make sure you have something to point to of course...
> cheers
> Miller
> On Wed, Jan 23, 2002 at 04:51:26PM +0100, Yves Degoyon wrote:
> > b/ i don't know why but i tried to add a structure
> > to my object and, all the sudden, it became
> > "not patchable" and couldn't be created.
> >
> > what does this mean ??
> >
> > the structure added is a MPSTR structure from lame.
> >
> > what's wrong with doing this ???

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