[PD] templates...

Nicolas Lhommet nlhommet at netcourrier.com
Thu Jan 24 22:56:55 CET 2002

A question about templates :
In a 'data-field window' of my patch, I need two types of elements :
- fixed elements, just created with simple templates and no variable, and
classic object boxes (I can have to redraw them occasionally).
- scalars,  some objets created with 'append' from the same template
(polygons that can be moved with the mouse to change some values)

I know I can send a 'clear' message to the data window to clear it's
But I'd like to clear the scalars only, and keep the fixed elements.
(I noticed it's easy to do the opposite: clear the content of every
template, and keep the scalars)

For a kind of gui-patch, I need to reorganize my scalars, so to clear them
and append them again, but I don't want to clear everything in the
data-window and 'redraw' everything.

Is it possible (I mean with Pd-0.34) ?
Does Pd-0.35 handle this kind of thing better ?

Thank you, and apologies for my previous post, I was just amazed and happy
to discover all the new features in the last test-release. :)


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