[PD] [announce] shoutcast~ version 0.2

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Fri Jan 25 05:21:07 CET 2002


sorry, my linux version won't follow that path 
for the following reasons :

> New features are:
>   - the encoding functions are now included in the window$
>     version of shoutcast~ (no need for lame.dll any longer)

i still can't see why people rewrites libraries
[ except for a very good reason, not commodity ].
After that, it's generally a mess
and you can't benefit from improvements
made to lame library.

>   - broadcast can be archived in a mp3 file on your local
>     harddisk

since mp3write~ exists, you can already do that.
besides, this increases the CPU minimum power
requested for shoutcast~.

> The code should work for linux and win.

So, people have the choice.



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