[PD] VC++ compilation error

Rory Walsh rorytheroar at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 25 11:42:30 CET 2002

Hi list, I was just wondering if anyone has
encountered the following error in VC++ 6.0 when
trying the build an object;

LINK: Fatal error LNK1102 out of memory
Error executing link.exe
test.dll -1 error(s), 0 warning(s)

I only get this error when I try to compile and build
at home on a Celeron 333Mhz machine with 192Mb of Ram,
and there is about 300Mb of space on the C drive
although I just reinstalled VC++ on my partition drive
which has 1Gb of memory and I still got the same
error? Other programs run, build and compile with no
problems it's just when I try and pd objects? Any


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