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Frank Barknecht barknech at ph-cip.uni-koeln.de
Fri Jan 25 19:50:18 CET 2002

Hi Krzysztof,

Krzysztof Czaja hat gesagt: // Krzysztof Czaja wrote:

> you may try to simulate buzz effects with filters.  Or maybe swapping
> and crossfading a pair of arrays would do (but probably only for slow
> control rates)?  Similar to using dual-head delay line for harmonizer
> effect (but with a different window).  Something like
> ...fotzsyzrkFILLkrz...
> ...zrkFILLkrzysztof...

And what does _that_ mean? 
It is not Polish: My parents lived in Poland until about 40 years ago
and they speak Polish and I never heard them say "fotzsyzrkFILLkrz" 

Now seriously: How is crossfading two arrays done? I understand the
harmonizer, "fotzsyzrkFILLkrz" does mean a tape running backwards?

> Btw. converting Csound opcodes into Pd externals is easy, and with
> clever little preprocessing they should be possible to generate
> `on demand' (for research and educational purposes only), bypassing
> all the licensing clashes.  Has anyone thought about this?

I came to PD from Csound. Working in Csound is totally different from
working with PD, and I feel a lot more at home with Miller's way of
thinking, expressed in PD. On the other hand, I really miss some
opcodes, mainly because I would like to try some things from the Csound
Book, which I never tried when I was still using Csound. As Csound also
is a major source of dsp source code, I was thinking of starting to port
some opcodes to PD (after I grok writing externals, but there's the HOWTO) 

But then I looked at the buzz code in csound, and I simply didn't
understand it yet :( Now I am waiting for my "Dogde: Computer Music" to
arrive, which supposedly also has a description of the buzz generator.

But this opcode porting (for educational and research purpuses only, except
the non-MIT-licensed ones) seems to be a very good idea.

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