[PD] Gem causing PD dsp crash

mick grierson michael.grierson at cwc.ac.uk
Sun Jan 27 19:28:24 CET 2002

I wouldn't bother everyone with this, only it's really getting on my tits.

I am getting the following error (win98 only - works fine on my w2k laptop) when attempting to run FFTs, but only when GEM is loaded. When I switch DSP on , PD crashes (see message below). At first I thought it was my soundcard, but have tested four seperate cards, and the same stuff is happening.

One bit of good news, however. Win98 PD/GEM (3.5 test 6) no longer crashes when you open abstractions. HURRAH !

That error message in full.

PD caused an exception 10H in module PD.DLL at 017f:100357fa.
EAX=0239a924 CS=017f EIP=100357fa EFLGS=00010212
EBX=00027335 SS=0187 ESP=0063fd74 EBP=0063fde4
ECX=02398920 DS=0187 ESI=000007f8 FS=3cdf
EDX=02398920 ES=0187 EDI=00960b68 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
d9 41 04 89 5c 24 34 8b 59 08 d9 01 89 5c 24 3c 
Stack dump:
00000001 00001388 0098f350 00027335 00000000 00027335 00000000 00027335 00000000 00027335 00000000 00027335 00000000 00000000 100331e2 00960b68 eat my shit you bitch.

Mick Grierson

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