[PD] Redefining help behavior?

Orm Finnendahl finnendahl at folkwang-hochschule.de
Sun Jan 27 21:41:35 CET 2002


sorry for my previous post. I was still thinking about help
definitions in a fashion by declaring a specific "help" method which
was triggered by a help message in an inlet.  That way you would get
the pointer to the object. But I see your problem now, Larry, and
have no answer.


> If I've understood the problem well, there should be two ways of solving
> your problem:
> 1. You define different help functions for the specific needs.  In the
>    new() method you set a function (or in pd-ish) method pointer to
>    the appropriate help function which should be called from within
>    the help function you declared in the setup function.  This pointer
>    has to be stored in the structure of your class, like any other
>    local data.
> 2. In the new() method you store the initialization argument or a flag
>    indicating which type of object it is and store THAT in the class
>    struct.
>    Then you do a switch in the general help method and code the
>    different help methods within the same function.
> or am I completely missing the point?
> Yours,
> Orm

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