[PD] [CALL FOR ACTION] about worms and virusses

Christian Klippel ck at mamalala.de
Tue Jan 29 02:36:19 CET 2002


hi all,

these outluck worms become annoying.


switch to another email client. use netscape,
eudora or whatever. but dont use outluck.
damn, is it really so hard to do that ??
what ?? your calendar ?? if you really
need a calendar in your mail app (sigh!)
try to use a external program for that.
use a mail app for _mail only_, do your other
stuff elsewhere. or use a different mailer
at least for all mailing lists.
do you try to fly with your car ?? no ??
why you want to use a mail app for other
things then sending mail ?? you dont do ??
then dont use outluck.......
what the hell you think are the benefits
of using outluck ?? that all other people
soon can read all your mails, data, contacts,
whatever ??
today i got 17 of these "my party" worms,
and i really wonder if this is in your interrest,
my dear outluck users.

its up to you now to react, either use a different
mail app or learn how to use outluck securely.
if that is possible, after all.

as soon as one of these bitches hits one of my
mailing lists again, all ms outluck users will be blocked
from them.

sorry, but now that was one hit too much,



(sorry for that, but im really pissed off of these outluck
users. cant accept outluck use any longer. there no single
reason to use it. so dont use it.)

visit me:
http://mamalala.de - jmax audio related
http://video.mamalala.de - jmax video related
irc.openprojects.net - channel #jmax

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