[PD] How do I write a batch file?

Rob Canning rscanning at eircom.net
Tue Jan 29 13:44:41 CET 2002

Hi list,

How do I write a batch file to start pd?
At the moment I go to properties of a ms-dos prompt shortcut - then to the
program tab - I write in the command line where it says 'batch file:' but I
can only write a short command line.  I've tried writing a .txt file with
the command line in it and putting a path to that where it says 'batch
Maybe I'm getting the format of the command line wrong
in the text file I write:
"c:\pd\bin\pd.exe  -inchannels 4 -outchannels 4 -soundindev
,3  -soundoutdev 2,3"
I'm using windows 98

Thanks for your help getting printing I now use http://www.pstill.com/ to
convert the .ps files to .pdf files which i can print from adobe acrobat


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