[PD] [CALL FOR ACTION] about worms and virusses

Norbert Math math at iem.kug.ac.at
Tue Jan 29 13:44:09 CET 2002


as you have noticed, the myparty worm made its way to the pd
mailing list despite the virus scanner i have installed - 
the virus was sent out before i got the new virus identification
from sophos. 

because obviously the idetifications are released after
a worm spreads in the wild a virus scanner can not offer 
much security when new species are coming out. 

therefore i kindly ask you to a less exploitable program 
then outlook - if you use outlook your security updates may still 
come too late as it was the case with my mail scanner ...


On Tue, 29 Jan 2002, mark wrote:

> > 
> > 
> > switch to another email client. use netscape,
> > eudora or whatever. but dont use outluck.
> > damn, is it really so hard to do that ??
> For a lot of people it is a corporate standard and 
> they HAVE to use it. That said if you apply the 
> latest patches from microsoft (choose "windows
> update" in internet explorer - it doesn't send 
> info to microsoft so do it even if you have a 
> pirate copy) then you won't have any of 
> these issues - it blocks access to attachments 
> and scripts so you have to make a real effort 
> to open them.
> cheers 
> mark

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