[PD] Pd 0.35 test 7 for linux and MS windows

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Tue Jan 29 16:07:57 CET 2002

hi yet again,

1. I would prefer pdtk_openpanel to use enquoted $filename.

2. 32-bit float WAVEs are loading fine, but still 16-byte header
is assumed, which may be enough for a while (e.g. all my files have
16-byte header) -- but cf ``floating point soundfiles'' thread,
esp. Richard Dobson's detailed explanation.

3. WAVE chunk skipping still does not work, at least with WaveLab
files.  As I reported on Wed, 09 Jan 2002, the (temporary!) fix is
in line 266 of d_soundfile.c:

-               long skip = swap4(((t_wave *)buf)->w_datachunksize, swap) + 4;
+               long skip = swap4(((t_wave *)buf)->w_datachunksize, swap);

and in lines 274-5:

-               headersize += skip;
-               if (read(fd, buf, sizeof(t_wave)) < (int)sizeof(t_wave))
+               headersize += skip + 8;
+               if (read(fd, ((t_wave *)buf)->w_datachunkid, 8) < 8)

This fix is temporary, because it uses the current t_wave structure,
which needs to be adjusted in order to work with non 16-byte header


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