[PD] How do I write a batch file?

marius schebella marius.schebella at chello.at
Tue Jan 29 16:33:46 CET 2002

in windows you save a textfile as PDXYZ.bat
then you can copy a link of that to your startmenu or desktop and just klick 
on it
the commandline should be like you wrote, but you can only open one 
sounddevice for in and one for out (if you have a multichannel-card, use the 
lowest device.number of that card, the other channels should be switched on 
by -outchannels 4 (or 6...).

Am Dienstag, 29. Januar 2002 13:44 schrieb Rob Canning:
> Hi list,
> How do I write a batch file to start pd?
> At the moment I go to properties of a ms-dos prompt shortcut - then to the
> program tab - I write in the command line where it says 'batch file:' but I
> can only write a short command line.  I've tried writing a .txt file with
> the command line in it and putting a path to that where it says 'batch
> file:'
> Maybe I'm getting the format of the command line wrong
> in the text file I write:
> "c:\pd\bin\pd.exe  -inchannels 4 -outchannels 4 -soundindev
> ,3  -soundoutdev 2,3"
> ?
> I'm using windows 98
> Thanks for your help getting printing I now use http://www.pstill.com/ to
> convert the .ps files to .pdf files which i can print from adobe acrobat
> reader.
> Thanks
> Rob
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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