[PD] Dev question

Orm Finnendahl finnendahl at folkwang-hochschule.de
Tue Jan 29 21:32:57 CET 2002

Am Dienstag, den 29. Januar 2002 um 08:25:24 Uhr (-0800) schrieb Miller Puckette:
> Sorry, you can only do that with great difficulty (build your own
> auxilliary "proxy" object that the inlet passes all messages to.)
> In general, the "inlet" idea was to use inlet position to specify functionality.
> However, for some objects like Max-style gate, you really have to do the
> proxy object thing.

I would like to know, how to implement the proxy, your're
mentioning. I had the same problem, trying to mimik the list objects
from Max/MSP like join and append. There is a way around that, like
adding a "set" message at the left inlet to set the right part of the
list which gets joined or appended. But I consider it being easier and
clearer to read to send the right hand part of the list to the right
inlet (apart from making it easier to port to and from MAX). And in
this usage, inlet position actually marks functionality.

Or would you discourage to do that as it opposes some of the ideas
behind pd?


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