[PD] Dev question

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Wed Jan 30 15:12:37 CET 2002

hi Orm,

have a look at zexy, there are nice list-processing objects, like
glue, packel, etc.


Btw. in a previous post I meant append as in Max, not Pd's append.

Orm Finnendahl wrote:
> So I guess, the "pd-ish" solution would be, to have a general object,
> (called list-ops or similar) which takes messages like "append blah
> foo bang" and appends this to any list, which gets sent to its inlet.
> Other messages could be "prepend foo bar", "sublis 2 3" (or "sublis 2"
> for the rest of the list), "nth 2", etc.

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