[PD] graph on parent

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Wed Jan 30 17:11:52 CET 2002


more and more loving the new ``graph on parent'' feature, but still
some doubts are in my mind.

1. The conversion of an abstraction to a graph (to show up on parent)
is not persistent.  This is because the flag is sent as part of
a `coords' message, and `#X coords' line is not being stored for
the main canvas (as it should not be).

2. Same for [table]s.

3. (Not so urgent) I do _not_ like being able to modify array
contents with a mouse (in performance mode), if this is an embedded
array appearing on its parent (e.g. held in a [table]).  This goes
against a common practice of activating a ``pencil tool'' only when
a waveform being edited is sufficiently zoomed-in.  I would be happy
to see the waveform's outline, having it protected from my hasty


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