[PD] multi-channel IO - the scoop?

Josh Whiting jwhiting at hampshire.edu
Thu Jan 31 02:45:46 CET 2002

Hello all

I was hoping someone can summarize the state of affairs of multichannel io
in pd?  under what circumstances is it possible?  I am using a creamware
pulsar as my soundcard which allows me various types of multichannel io
setups, including mme and directsound (and asio of course but i understand
that is not currently supported), but none of them seem to work.  Why does
pd have the option to specify the dac # if it cany only support two
channels?  When I do a pd -listdev, I see four creamware ins and outs - how
do i access these babies?

thanks much!

josh w.
hampshire college
jwhiting at hampshire.edu

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