[PD] [CALL FOR ACTION] about worms and virusses

Josh Whiting jwhiting at hampshire.edu
Thu Jan 31 19:21:25 CET 2002

I am an outlook user and would greatly appreciate such a document.  I.e.
with the my party virus - I was aware of the virus before I saw the email in
the list, so i never clicked on it - but what is the proper course of
action - do i click on it and delete it, or will simply clicking on the
email activate the virus?  I would also entertain suggestions for other
email clients to use, and are there converters for the email databases so I
can import my saved email?  Believe me I fully respect and endorse the open
source model for software (especially OSes) development, and find the
behavior of MS reproachable in many ways, but lets not put political blame
on those of us using MS products, theres just some scenarios where is just
impossible to use linux or anything else (i.e. for pro audio production, in
my case)

thanks much
josh w.

> Maybe there should be an introductory email for new list users giving
> on how to protect against worms and viruses - no matter which client they
> use. It should be a practical guide - not just a warning - listing any
> methods for commonly used clients. I personally object to the tyranny of
> blocking users on the basis of the clients they use when they are only
> them in good faith.

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