[PD] Trouble loading PD under Linux

Jim Ruxton cinetron at passport.ca
Fri Feb 1 19:41:41 CET 2002

Thanks Miller,

I'm running on a laptop so I'd have to get an external card. Yes I 
believe it is using intel drivers. The actual sound device is a Cirrus 
CS 4299 using an AC97 codec. When I run sndconfig it detects an Intel 
device. I wonder if I have to specify that it isn't Intel? Oh well 
chances are I won't be using adc and dac at the same time right now. 
I'll work on getting midi working. Thanks again.

>Do you happen to be using native audio on an Intel i810 or 815 motherboard?
>If so, full duplex audio crashed Linux under OSS, and I think I crashed it the
>one time I tried it under Alsa too... the solution is to buy a separate
>soundcard.  (I8x0 audio is terrible quality anyway...)
>On Fri, Feb 01, 2002 at 02:23:39AM -0500, Jim Ruxton wrote:

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