[PD] Clashing notes?

Christian Klippel ck at mamalala.de
Sat Feb 2 02:39:01 CET 2002


Am Samstag, 2. Februar 2002 02:14 schrieb Marcus Flanagan:
> Sometimes, if my backing is playing chords through the
> metro function...when I hit the same note as I play a
> melody on the keyboard, that note is kinda blurted
> out..as if they are clashing.
> Am I supposed to put the backing and melody on
> different channels...and how would I do this?

definitely. you should use another channel for that.
you have note on/off messages. imagine the following :
your chords also play c#2, and holds that.
now youre playing c#2, all is well. but as soon as you
release c#2, the note off message appears and turns off
c#2, of course also in the chord. polyphonic means only
multiple _different_ notes, but not the same (i know only
very few synths that could handle this)
and even worse, some synthis switch the voice off if a second
note on appears without a prior note off ......



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