[PD] PD >> PS2 ??

Saburo HIRANO shirano at nn.iij4u.or.jp
Sat Feb 2 17:05:04 CET 2002

jfm3 wrote:

> I saw it yesterday too. I'd say the main things holding it back from
> being ported to the PS2 are TCL/TK and ALSA. If PS2/Linux 1.0 has decent
> ports of those, porting Pd should be trivial. The PS2 has decent quality
> audio outs, but more importantly, has S/PDIF out. I asked the guy at
> LinuxWorld about it, but he just kind of smiled and said "Yes" to
> everything. So I'll believe it when I believe it.

I hope that Pd porting to PS2 so much.

> The bigger question in my mind is whether or not GEM will port to the
> PS/2... there's where the real win would be. Is it still the case that
> Mark, the principal author of GEM, writes games for the PS/2 platform?

I do not know much about Linux and PS2. But I think porting GEM is
depend on Open GL.
Here is Open GL like Library(but not the OpenGL)
I hope this site is useful to develop.

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