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If you would like to make external objects using a Free Compiler,
I strongly recommend The Free Borland C++Builder Compiler.


Then you will probably need some documentation for linking a DLL.
I do not assure the quality of translation that you need,
check out

Akira Abe

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Dear list,

For the non-programmers, is there a way to create the .dll files
necessary to run the libraries in windoze? The sources appear always
prepared for linux (or so it seems - and I am not able to install my
linux yet, since I cannot find a way to schrink my ntfs partition). Is
necessary a compiler, or another external program to create the files?
(I'm running xp home)

By the way, if I remember correctly, one of the features of the test
versions was the ability to include spaces in a file/folder name. Is
that feature also valid for the labels of bangs? (when I use a space,
the text doesn't appear, it seems to be inside the bang switch)

Thank you again,

João Miguel Pais

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