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marius schebella marius.schebella at chello.at
Sun Feb 3 21:54:42 CET 2002

rec2pol from motex (http://www.reverberant.com/Pd) does from rectangular to
inlets are real(cosine) and imaginary (sine) parts
outlets are phase/angle from -Pi to +Pi and amplitude/vektorsum/radius
pol2rec is the other way round.
sometimes angles are in values from -1 to +1. i think, this could be with
the tan^-1

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does anyone have a cartesian to polar conversion object, preferably
compatible to max "cartopol"?

also i m askingmyself wether cartopol is the same as rectopol.

i tried it with

expr ($f1 ^ 2 + $f2 ^ 2) ^ .5

for radius and

expr tan ^ -1 ($f2/$f1) (this doesnt really work like this in expr)

for the angle, according to some cheesy equation i got off the net but
it sort of gives different results from the max version.


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