[PD] [announce] nqpoly~

pix pix at test.at
Mon Feb 4 19:21:08 CET 2002

if anyone grabbed this and just got lots of errors and not so much
poly-action, it would have a lot to do with me leaving out one of the
abstractions from my library... it's in there now and the site is updated.

it owuld have been technically possible to use it, but the
incomprehensible examples would have done nothing.. making them even less
comprehensible than otherwise.


On Mon, 4 Feb 2002 00:42:22 +0100
pix <pix at test.at> wrote:

> rather than rely on people sifting through the attachments in the
> mailing list archive, i've finally put nqpoly on my website. the patches
> are still messy and the documentation is kind of hasty.
> what's nqpoly? it's an abstraction (yes really, not an extern) that
> kind-of does what the "poly~" object in recent version of max does.
> (automatic polyphonism, granular synthesis).
> http://pix.test.at/pd/nqpoly/index.html
> let me know if you use it, and feel free to ask me questions about it in
> email if you have trouble.
> pix.

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