[PD] Some newbie questions

Frank Barknecht barknech at ph-cip.uni-koeln.de
Tue Feb 5 09:59:53 CET 2002

rinks hat gesagt: // rinks wrote:

> i am new to this list and i am very impressed by pd.
> I could not find an answer to the following questions in the archive:
> 1. I want to save and recall groups of values (like snapshots)

You could a) take a look at the "state" external of ggee, which saves the
state of number boxes, or you could b) build your own save mechanism. There
are several ways. I did this by collecting send/receive-messages in a textfile 
object, that can be saved and loaded, or more simply just write numbers to
an array, and save that.

> 2. I want to record and replay the modification of values (like a midi
> sequencer for midi controllers)

Here a bit more work might be needed, that surely will involve the qlist
oject. Just read the reference patch.

> 3  Is it possible to seperate the gui from the rest of a patch?

If you want total seperation, you might try gripd, a python-gtk GUI builder
for PD. A link should be at www.pure-data.org. But of course you could also
seperate the normal GUI objects. Read the html-docs regarding subpatches
and abstractions carefully, and it should become clear, how this could be
done. All gui objects in PD can have internal, unvisible send and receive
in/outlets, that make a patch look a lot cleaner.

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