[PD] Windows readsf~ and writesf~- how to build

mark mark at junklight.com
Wed Feb 6 15:47:29 CET 2002


just poking around in the PD sources looking for info on tabread
when I came across a comment in the soundfile.c that the reason
writesf~ and readsf~ don't work in windows is 'cos they need 
pthreads - and someone should find a package. 

Well I did. Get it here:


get the latest build - put the include path as a -I and put the lib in the 
lib list - I used pthreadVC.lib - there are two others but it all worked
so I didn't read the docs ;-). Remove the #ifdef __linuxs_'s and do 
a build. Put pthreadVC.dll in pd\bin and off you go. The 5.reference 
patches now work. Haven't tested them thoughly - in and out of  
meetings this afternoon but it all looks good. 



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