[PD] building .dlls in VC++ for windows

mark mark at junklight.com
Wed Feb 6 23:29:14 CET 2002

For the libraries (and indeed PD itself) I have messed around 
with sp far the easiest way is to do File->Open Workspace
in VC++6 and choose the makefile - it will ask you if you want 
to wrap it (yes) and give it a name to save it with - try not 
to choose the default of makefile1 - it will confuse you in future :-).

For some of them its worth building an actual VC++ project but judging 
by your questions you are still a bit unclear about the C build process.
In a nut shell:

	.c files -> compile to -> .obj 
	.obj files are linked to make .exe's or 'dll's 

	libraries (dll's) make lib files which the linker uses to either 
	add code (static) or figure out what dll's have in them 

The microsoft site has ALL of their developer documentation available 
on it - look for MSDN library. There will be plenty of stuff here 
to help you - be warned there is a LOT of it.


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i'm new to pd and the list so bare with me.
How does one go about building externs/dll's using VC++ 6?
where does the .c and the .obj come into the picture.
i looked at the howto-externals but it there is no info on building dll's
in windows.
-thanks in advance
mark k.

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